Oracy is embedded into everything we do at St. Hugh’s.

The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill. To speak English fluently and articulately, to express ideas and interact with others is fundamental to academic success and to a good quality of life in general.

There is robust evidence to show the link between the quality of classroom talk and attainment in core subjects. Poor oral language skills limit children’s attainment.

What we do

We prioritise children’s language development, vocabulary and communication skills at all appropriate times.

Opportunities for Oracy are built into lessons across the curriculum and children have the opportunity to develop specific communication skills. 

What is Oracy?

Watch the video below which explains what Oracy is.

The 4 Strands of Oracy – Voice 21 

Children continue to develop the 4 strands, outlined by Voice 21, in everyday communication. These skills are applied to any/every environment they are in. The strands are:

​     – Physical​ 

     – Linguistic​

     – Cognitive​ 

     – Social and Emotional

To see how children develop their Oracy skills please click on the following link Oracy Progression Map