Reception and Key Stage One:

The children begin the process of learning to read and write using Read Write Inc.

The children learn to:

  • read accurately and fluently with good comprehension
  • form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step.

Firstly, they learn one way to read the 40+ sounds and blend them into words. Then they learn to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes. They experience success from the very beginning. Reading books are closely matched to the children’s increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words. As children re-read the stories, their fluency increases. The children are encouraged to take home the phonics books they have been reading in school to practise and consolidate their reading and phonics skills.

During Read, Write Inc. lessons, the children are also taught to write letters and simple words early on and build on their success. They write every day, rehearsing out loud what they want to write, and composing sentence by sentence, until they are confident enough to write independently. They use their knowledge of the alphabetic code and the ‘tricky’ words they have learnt. They practise handwriting every day: sitting at a table comfortably, learning correct letter formation and joining letters speedily and legibly. The children build up their spelling knowledge so they can spell complex words confidently. They use adventurous vocabulary in their writing because they have encountered such language in their reading and they have talked about what words mean.

Read, Write Inc. is taught daily throughout EYFS and KS1. Children are grouped according to ability and taught by a trained adult. The children are assessed every half-term and groups are re-arranged to ensure they are always making progress relative to their ability. Any child falling behind is given intensive support to ensure they catch up as rapidly as possible.

Key Stage Two:

The phonics and reading elements of Read, Write Inc. continue into KS2 for those children who still need it and for those children who join our school in Y3-Y6 without the appropriate reading and phonics skills. They are taught daily by a trained adult in the same way the EYFS and KS1 children are.                                                                                                                                       

Guided reading takes place every day in KS2. Children work in ability groups and are given the opportunity to learn, practise and consolidate effective reading strategies. They are able to read and respond to books at a level they would be unable to access without an adult. Children are continually assessed and groups are re-arranged each half term to ensure they are always making progress relative to their ability. KS2 children who require phonics teaching have two reading sessions a day – one Read, Write Inc phonics and one guided reading session to ensure they develop the whole range of reading strategies as rapidly as possible.

We teach writing using ‘Read to Write’ which is an evidence-based teaching approach to writing. Teachers provide high-quality teaching of writing through high-quality literature. The texts are engaging, vocabulary-rich and provide a wealth of writing opportunities across all genres.

Six high-quality texts are studied over the course of the year i.e. one each half term. Three weeks each half-term are spent on narrative writing and three weeks are spent on non-fiction writing. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are taught in a contextualised way through each of the texts.

In addition to the teaching of spelling through writing, we also teach spelling discretely using Spelling Shed. As well as direct teaching, it provides a multi-sensory, game-based approach to the teaching and learning of spelling which can be accessed at home as well as school.

Handwriting is taught regularly and discretely to all children (see our separate Handwriting Policy). Starting in EYFS, children are taught to form their letters correctly. In Y2, they are taught to join their letters and throughout KS2 they should be practising and using a cursive handwriting style.

Reading Progression Map

Writing Progression Map

English Subject Plan

Phonics Plan

The children in Year One had the opportunity to visit Toxteth library. Irene taught the children that if they joined the library, they could borrow lots of books. Irene read a story to us – ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – a fantastic story!

Sara even found the book that we are learning about in school this week, ‘Six Dinner Sid’ 




One of our reading groups has been using the outdoor classroom to enjoy the story of the Gingerbread Man. After reading the story, one child acted as the gingerbread man and the other children tried to catch her. She shouted ‘Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man’. Luckily, she was too fast for them!

Reception Class

We listened to a story, sang nursery rhymes and enjoyed exploring the range of books in the children’s library.



Burglar Bill has been to visit Year 1. He tried to take Barnaby Bear from Y2 and Miss Burrow’s stapler! Luckily Y1 children made sure he put them back. Y1 children very much enjoyed the story of Burglar Bill by authors Janet and Allan Ahlberg. 

World Book Day 2022
World Book Day this year took place on Thursday 3rd March. We had 100% attendance across the whole school that day because nobody wanted to miss the fun!
Many of us dressed up as a book character or we came in our pyjamas to help us remember the pleasure of bed time reading. Some of the staff dressed up too.
Our friend and author, Jude Lennon, visited us again to share some stories with us and to tell us how she began her writing journey. She was very good fun and we loved listening to her stories.
Our school councillors visited WHSmith on Allerton Road to collect a book for everyone of us. This was to make sure we all had a book to take home and keep at the end of the day. Thank you to the staff at WHSmith for making us feel so welcome
We held a bookmark competition in school. Each winner could choose a special book to take home and keep. Here are some of our winners with their books and bookmarks.
Y5 celebrated World Book Day by becoming reading buddies with Y1. They spent some time reading and sharing stories and had a lovely time.

Liverpool Children’s Reading Festival 2022

Every class took part in the festival this year. The classes received books written by their author from Liverpool Learning Partnership (LLP). They watched their author on screen and were able to ask questions using the LLP padlet. Reception met Momoko Abe, Y1 and Y2 met Emma Reynolds, Y3 and Y4 met Richard O’Neill, Y5 met E L Norry and Y6 met Simon James Green. Reception thought about their feelings with Momoko and Y1 and Y2 practised their illustrations with Emma Reynolds. Y5 were very pleased to see E L Norry again after she visited them in school last term. Thank you to LLP for organising the event and providing us with the lovely stories.


Y5/6 Book Club

Y5 and Y6 are enjoying their lunchtime book club with Mr Bruce and Mrs Crute. They are reading lots of books for fun and are enjoying learning about their favourite authors.

Builder Books

Every one of our children received a very special gift to take home and keep. They were given a box with story books, comics, activity books, sketch pads, notebooks and pens and pencils. All of our children now have their own books to keep and re-read at home as many times as they like. A very special thank you to authors Jude Lennon and Natalie Reeves Billing and thank you also to graphic designer Jonathan Tottey. They made the boxes for us and delivered them to school. Jonathan used to come to our school as a child and was keen to visit us again!

Children, make sure you keep your box safe and enjoy reading the stories and completing the activities.

Parents, don’t forget to read the stories with your children and talk about what they have read.

Wind in the Willows

As a Christmas treat, the children watched a travelling theatre group perform Wind in the Willows. They loved joining in, singing along and watching the actors act out the story in front of them. It was a fantastic experience for everyone!

Year 5 Author Visit:

Y5 enjoyed a very special visit from two authors this morning, Jasmine Richards and Emma Norry. Each child received a copy of ‘Happy Here’ which is a compilation of stories from black British authors and illustrators. The children read with the authors and were able to ask lots of questions. Jasmine and Emma were kind enough to sign the books for all the children. We thank the BookTrust for arranging the visit for us.


Please see below for our latest photos in Autumn 2021

Sami, our Reader in Residence from the Reader Organisation in Calderstones Park visits our Y6 children every Friday to share stories with them. The children enjoy it very much. One of them even said ‘It’s my favourite time of the week’!

Please have a look at some photos we took of the children in Summer 2021

Children in all classes have been enjoying their phonics lessons and have been using Fred Talk to help them read new words. 



Year 5 visit to The Storybarn.

Year 5 had a lovely day enjoying lots of book and reading activities with the Storybarn team in Calderstones Park. 


Year 3 had a visit from the Storybarn team from Calderstones Park



The whole school enjoyed a pantomime in the sunshine