Personal, social and health education is embedded into everything we do at St. Hugh’s. We believe it is crucial to the development of all our children. It equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future. This helps them to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in Britain.

In PSHE lessons, the children study the following central themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Living in the Wider World

PSHE Subject Plan

PSHE Progression Map

Key Stage 2

‘The CELLs Project visited our school for the day. They delivered various workshops that taught us about making the right choice. We understood more about crime and what the consequences of bad choices could be.’

School Council

This week some of our school councillors visited Liverpool Town Hall, to take part in a Liverpool Schools’ Parliament event.

Children from across the city come together to discuss important themes that have or will inevitably impact them.

This months discussion was ‘Your Mental Health Matters’


Year 1

In PSHE, we learned about the importance of personal hygiene – brushing our teeth and washing our hands and faces.

Year 1

We read ‘Elmer’ to understand that it is OK to be different and except differences in others.

Year 1

We have learned the school rules and how important they are to keep everyone happy and safe.

Year 2 learning how germs are spread

We have explored how germs spread if we don’t wash our hands and how to effectively wash our hands.