Executive Headteacher Miss A Connearn
Head of School Mrs A Flood
Reception Class teacher Mrs S Baddeley
            Teaching Assistants Miss T Newport and Miss E Prince
Year 1 Class teacher Ms H Burrows
            Teaching Assistants Mrs A Bojin and Miss R O’Donnell
Year 2 Class teacher Mr S Musgrave
            Teaching Assistants Mrs T Andrian and Ms Y Haughie
Year 3 Class teacher Miss M Stelges
            Teaching Assistant Mr M Eisaie
Year 4 Class teacher Mrs H Thomas/Mrs D Crute
            Teaching Assistant Mr J McGuigan
Year 5 Class teacher Mr T Mair
            Teaching Assistant Mrs C Pathirannahalage
Year 6 Class teacher Mr A Bruce
            Teaching Assistants Mrs H Chaudhari and Mrs K Dmytruk
PPA Teacher Mrs D Crute
Inclusion Manager Mrs K Bushell
Breakfast Club Assistant  Mrs C Hawkins
Community Welfare Officer Miss K Bower
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Miss C Francis
Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Assistant Miss D Bower
Teaching Assistant/Pastoral Support Worker Mrs L McCausland
PA to Executive Headteacher Miss D Donaldson
School Business Manager Mrs J Fargnoli
Administrator Mrs D Hughes
Caretaker Mr P Power
Cleaners Mrs P Dempsey, Miss S Galt and Mrs M Roberts
Kitchen Manager Mrs D Chisango
Kitchen Assistants Mrs M Roberts, Miss N Stojkova and Miss K Suckley


At St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School, we work hard to support our pupils in a variety of ways. Staff are always willing to help with any queries or concerns. Parents are welcome to speak with class teachers informally at the beginning or end of the day regarding classroom-based issues. In addition, parents can contact the school office at any time with general queries regarding the school.