MFL Curriculum Statement

We aim to enable children to express ideas and thoughts in Spanish and to understand and respond in speech and writing. The children will speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity. They will write at varying length for different purposes and audiences. They will continually improve their pronunciation and intonation and use the grammatical structures they have learnt.

At St. Hugh’s, we are fortunate that many of our children already speak additional languages and have an understanding of other countries and cultures. Many children are skilled at translating to and from English for both adults and children. The children are open to learning new languages and enjoy learning Spanish. We have a visiting Spanish teacher from School Improvement Liverpool who teaches a lesson each week in every KS2 class.

Spanish Progression Map

KS2 Year Group Vocabulary Lists

Year 3 Autumn 1  Year 3 Autumn 2  

Year 4 Autumn 1  Year 4 Autumn 2  

Year 5 Autumn 1  Year 5 Autumn 2

Year 6 Autumn 1  Year 6 Autumn 2