St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School is rich in cultural diversity. We welcome all our English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners.

We aim to: 

  • Welcome the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences pupils with EAL contribute to the school. 
  • Ensure strategies are in place to support pupils with EAL. 
  • Enable pupils with EAL to become confident, and to acquire the language skills needed to reach their full academic potential.  

Our strategic objectives are to: 

  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for newly arrived pupils with EAL. 
  • Assess the skills and needs of pupils with EAL. 
  • Gather accurate information regarding children’s backgrounds, cultures and abilities. 
  • Equip teachers and support staff with the necessary skills, resources and knowledge to support pupils with EAL. 
  • Use all available resources to raise the attainment of pupils with EAL. 
  • Systematically monitor pupils’ progress, and adapt policies and procedures accordingly.  
  • Ensure all children’s languages, cultures and identities are represented in classrooms and throughout the school.  
  • Maximise opportunities to model the fluent use of English.  
  • Ensure pupils with EAL are acknowledged for their skills in their own languages.  

For more information please click on our English as an Additional Language Policy

We were learning to name classroom objects through playing games. This helps us to follow instructions within the classroom.