Welcome to our Year 1 page. My name is Miss Burrows and I am the class teacher.

I am supported by 2 Learning Support Assistants, Miss Hasan and Miss Zindani.

In Year One, the children are read to every day. They enjoy listening to and talking about a variety of stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction. They are learning phonics every day so that they will be able to read on their own too. It is very important that you read to your child regularly at home and talk to them about stories they know.

In P.E. the children have been learning basic skills such as finding a space, running, hopping and jumping.

PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays. We provide a PE kit for every child but s/he will need pumps or trainers.

In Maths the children learn to say, read and write numbers. Numbers are everywhere! Look for them in your house or on the walk home from school.

Please ensure your child arrives in school at 8.45am every day in full school uniform and black shoes. Long hair must be tied back and plaited please.

Please click on the following link for more information.

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Phonics Plan

Listening to stories is crucial to your child’s language and vocabulary development. It will help them to develop a lifelong love of books. Click on the following links to some stories your child can listen to.

Jackanory Junior

Storyteller videos: Traditional Tales

If you have any questions about Y1, please make an appointment at the office to see Miss Burrows.

What have we been doing in Year 1?

We had the opportunity to visit Toxteth library. Irene taught the children that if they joined the library, they could borrow lots of books. Irene read a story to us – ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – a fantastic story!

Sara even found the book that we are learning about in school this week, ‘Six Dinner Sid’.

We went to the Walker Art Gallery. We learned to draw objects and sketched using HB  and graphite pencils.



We have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot. They have created a firework picture using paint and glitter to show Bonfire Night. 

We have made fabric faces. They cut and shaped the fabric then applied fabric features using glue.


We have been exploring Textiles. The children used new vocabulary to describe the fabric and then sorted the material according to colour, size and shape.



The children in Year One designed and created a weaving based on the work of Sheila Hicks. They learned the skills of making a loom and weaving a strip of paper under and over the loom.

We are learning Phonics – this will help us to read and write. We have been producing some wonderful writing in our independent learning! We have also enjoyed reading about our adventures to Croxteth Park and Imagine That!

In Maths, we have learned about 2D and 3D shapes. We are now moving on to exploring number lines.

We are learning Gymnastics and Invasion game skills, in P.E.

In R.E. we found out about special people in church and how they help us.

In History, we are learning all about toys. We have found out who Frank Hornby is and what toys he created. We have also looked at toys from the present and toys from the past.

In Design Technology, we have enjoyed learning about structures and have designed and made a new bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff.
Year 1 Imagine That!
We went on a school trip to Imagine That! We really enjoyed our day – there were lots of areas to explore – dressing up, art and a science area. We made instant snow, slime and a fridge magnet. What a fantastic day! Look at what fun we had.



Maths: We are learning about capacity using different containers. We compared weight using the language ‘heavy’ and ‘small’ We are continuing to count in different ways.

Science – Everyday Materials Lots of objects in our classroom are made out of various materials. We found tables made from wood, our chairs have metal legs, the Lego box is made from plastic and the classroom windows are made from special glass. What objects can you find at home? What materials are they made from?

Geography: We have just begun our topic on ‘Oceans and Continents’ So far we have found out that we can explore the world using a globe, map and Google Earth.

Phonics: In Phonics the children follow the Read Write Inc programme. They are learning new sounds every day. This helps the children to read books, spell and write words and sentences.

Maths: Counting and number recognition – The children have been learning to count and recognise numbers. Numbers are everywhere! We went on a number hunt around school and found lots of different numbers – on a post box, on doors, telephone numbers, on a clock and on the Year One calendar.

Science: Animals including humans – We have been investigating our bodies. We played ‘Simon Says’ to learn our body parts. Next, we drew around our bodies and then labelled them.