Here are some topics we will cover in the Autumn term in Year 5. There are some ideas for learning you can do at home as well as links to websites to find out more information.
Literacy – This term we are learning to use relative clauses and modal verbs. Here is a great website to help you practise all types of spelling, punctuation and grammar: When learning at home you can get better at literacy by doing some of your own writing! Here is a great website for ideas to get started on your own masterpiece:
It is also important to read as much as you can. Books, magazines, newspapers, anything! Remember to use Bug Club as well, making sure you clear any ‘bugs’ before you start a new book!
Maths – This term we are learning to say numbers to 1 million (, to count forwards and backwards in negative numbers( and to add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits using a method
Remember to keep practising your times tables using the Times Tables Rockstars website:
History – We are learning about Ancient Greece in History. Here is some information about this topic:
At home you could:
  • Create your own Ancient Greek pot.
  • Find out what they ate and making an Ancient Greek meal.
  • Write an information book to show what you know.


Geography –  We will be learning all about rivers. Here is some information:
At home you could:
  • Draw and label all the parts of a river.
  • Research the biggest and smallest rivers in the world and make a presentation on them.
  • Find a river near you and research it online.


Computing –  We will be using Scratch again this term. Have a go yourself at and see what you can do!
Science – We will be investigating states of matter in science this term

At home you could:

  • Bake a cake to show a liquid turning into a solid.
  • Find out what you have in your cupboards (ask permission!) that will dissolve and what does not.
  • Pour a small cup of sugar into a cup of water. Can you figure out how to separate the sugar again?

   Properties and Changes of Materials

Art – Here are some ancient Greek pots: Choose one to draw and colour in yourself!
If you want to explore more subjects, here is a great website to find out some more information