Dear Parents and Carers,

Please click the link below for the latest information from Liverpool City Council.

Covid-19 letter to parents 11.09.2020

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Please see the letter below from the headteacher.

Letter from Headteacher 02.09.2020

Please see the letter below from Steve Reddy

Letter from Steve Reddy 01.09.2020


Coronavirus Risk Assessment 29.08.2020


































Information for parent and carers – September 2020

Coronavirus Risk Assessment 29.08.2020

More information to follow


Information for parents and carers June 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope you and your children are safe and well. I know that the lockdown situation is extremely challenging for everyone.

We are working with and following guidance from the Local Authority and Governing Body. They have indicated that on 1 June 2020 school will be open for key worker and vulnerable children if it is safe to do so.

On 15 June 2020 it is anticipated we will be open to Year 6 pupils, if it is safe to do so.

These dates are under constant review and other year groups will only be able to return when it is safe to do so.

The children, their safety and wellbeing are our priority. We recognise that the situation is hard and information is available on the school website.

I know you appreciate that we must ensure the safety of all when making decisions on when it is safe for children to return.

We will continue to keep you updated regularly via the website and parentApp. For further guidance please also refer to Liverpool Council website.

Yours sincerely

A Connearn



Please click on the following link Liverpool Position on School Re-openings 15th May 2020 to see the latest advice from Steve Reddy, Director, Children & Young People’s Service,  Liverpool City Council, we will be in touch with you in due course.

Around 50 schools in Liverpool are designated safe hub spaces for children of key workers. St Hugh’s is one of them.

The provision is for primary school aged pupils whose parents are key workers and have no other safe child care available to them. We will initially be open from 9am to 4pm weekdays.

Eligible parents can take their child to their nearest site from Monday 23rd March when staff will receive them. Our hub is being run by staff from several schools.

Provision here is not available for Secondary age pupils, but you should contact your child’s secondary school if you think they may be vulnerable.

Who Is Eligible?

Please check the criteria carefully to ensure you qualify as a key worker If you have an adult at home, even if you are a key worker, your child must stay at home.

Key workers:

  • Social workers, care workers, health and social care staff
  • Teachers and Nursery staff
  • Staff essential to the justice system
  • Staff managing services linked to the deceased
  • Admin staff in local authority essential to COVID-19 response
  • Benefits staff
  • Food distribution staff
  • Police and fire and rescue
  • Transport workers
  • Utilities workers
  • Probation staff
  • Refuse collectors
  • University staff researching response to COVID-19

A list of hubs is available on the Liverpool City Council Website.

Once On Site:

  1. We will do our utmost to keep your child in a safe space so that you can do your job.
  2. When you arrive at school for the first time, you will be required to complete a registration document, even if your child normally attends St Hugh’s. Please allow time for this as we may be very busy.
  3. Your child needs to come in non uniform and bring a suitable outdoor coat
  4. Children are not permitted to bring any electronic equipment with them, including phones.
  5. All children will receive a free meal
  6. Your child will be in a child care environment, playing games, craft activities and being outside. We are not offering an educational environment.
  7. Normal rules and code of conduct for St Hugh’s Primary will apply
  8. If your child attends it is our expectation that they follow and respond to the positive behaviour guidance given by staff and in line with the expectations of their home school.
  9. We retain the right to refuse entry to any child who does not follow the expectations of the hub.
  10. If we are full you will be directed to the next nearest hub, we have a maximum number, depending on available staff, and will not exceed this.


This is a time of unprecedented national crisis, please be patient as we work together to make our hubs work. The hub will be run by staff from several different schools and the local authority.

Disruptive or unacceptable behaviour from parents will not be tolerated.

Please refer to the following guidance:

Liverpool response:

LCC Updates:

Free School Meal Entitlement:

Guide on social distancing for everyone in the UK