Y2 and Y4 Collective Worship


We have been very lucky this term and enjoyed many days of warmth and sunshine. Y2 and Y4 spent the day in the park basking in the warm weather. They ate lunch outside and enjoyed their Collective Worship in the beautiful surroundings of the park.

Reception Collective Worship

Rec 1 park Rec 2 park Rec 3 park

Our Reception children took advantage of the warm weather to spend the day in Calderstones park. While they were there, they held their Collective Worship in the park to say thank you for all the lovely, trees, flowers and wildlife they could see. To finish the day perfectly, they all enjoyed an ice-cream!

Y6 Retreat

IMG_0432 IMG_0440 IMG_0446 IMG_0452 IMG_0455

IMG_0456 IMG_0467 IMG_0471 IMG_0478

All of our Y6 children took part in a retreat day off-site at Animate Youth Ministries in St. Helens. The sun was shining and the children had a fabulous day. The retreat was based on Mark 12:31 Love your Neighbour. The children thought about how they can show respect for each other; they thought about the needs of others before their own and how they can treat others as they would like to be treated. They moved from thinking about the local community to the larger community to the global community.

This retreat is a lovely way to reflect and to celebrate as the children come to the end of their time at St. Hugh’s and it helps prepare them for their transition to secondary schools.

Islam Week 

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The whole school have spent a week learning about the Muslim religion. Some of our muslim children in Reception showed us how they pray when they go to the Mosque.

IMG_0166 IMG_0175 IMG_0179

During Islam week, Y5 and Y6 visited the Al-Rahma Mosque in Toxteth. They were shown around and learned all about what happens inside a Mosque. They were made to feel very welcome and had  all their questions answered. Thank you very much to the Imaam for taking the time to meet with the children.


IMG_0181 IMG_0187 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0202

Each class invited their parents/carers and the rest of the school to watch their class assemblies this term. All children read, acted, sang and prayed beautifully and produced some fantastic art work. Thank you to all the families who attended.

Fr. Aidan’s Visit

Aidan 1 Aidan 2 Aidan 3 Aidan 4

Year 4 and Year 5 had a special visit from Fr. Aidan to talk  to them all about Pentecost. He told them how frightened the Disciples were when Jesus ascended into heaven but the Holy Spirit came and gave them the strength to go out and spread Jesus’ message to everyone. The children listened attentively and had lots of interesting questions to ask. Thank you Fr. Aidan!

Visit from the Romanian Consulate 

IMG_0148 IMG_0149

We were very proud to welcome Andreea Berechet from the Romanian Consulate in Manchester to provide support and advice to our Romanian families. She was able to help with information on passports, benefits, health, education and travel. She answered many of the families’ questions and we are very grateful that she was able to visit us.

CARJ (Catholic Association for Racial Justice) Drama Group

          drama 9       Drama2       drama3       drama4

          drama5       drama6       drama7       drama8

We were very lucky this term to have some visitors from CARJ to work with a group of Key Stage 2 children on a drama presentation about community and religious cohesion. The children enjoyed script-writing, singing, dancing, choreographing and producing many pieces of art work. All that work culminated in a performance for parents and other children in the school. A great time was had by all and a very important message was spread to all who watched. Thank you to our visitors from CARJ and to Mr. Mair for all their hard work.

Gospel Choir

IMG_20180413_112528  IMG_20180413_114142

Our Gospel Choir (with children from St. Hugh’s and St. Clare’s) sang beautifully when they performed at both schools and in Asda this term. They showcased their talents for the parents and children at St. Hugh’s. Then they walked (in the pouring rain) to St. Clare’s to sing for the children there. Finally, they went to Asda and performed for all the shoppers and staff there too. Lots of people complimented them on their singing and on their behaviour. Thanks to our choir leader, Mel, and to CARJ (Catholic Association for Racial Justice) for making our choir such a success.