At St. Hugh’s Catholic Primary School we teach Religious Education using Come and See which is a Catholic Primary Religious Education Programme.
Religious Education is the core subject which is central to life at St. Hugh’s. School Governor, Mrs M Buckley.
Come and See is an invitation to exploration and a promise of life to everyone. The invitation is open to everyone. In response to the question ‘Where do you live?’ which was asked by the disciples, Jesus invited them to ‘Come and See’ (John 1:39). The disciples went with Jesus and spent the rest of that day with him.
Children are especially welcome. Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Let the children come to me’ (Mark 10:14).
Come and See offers the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover and to respond.
St. Hugh’s is a rich and diverse community. During Jesus’ life on earth he met people of diverse backgrounds and religious groups who were different from himself. He showed respect for those inside and outside his own faith community. We are committed to respecting people of other faiths and to recognise that God is at work within them. Come and See supports and enables the faith experience of all children because it starts with their real life experiences. We try to promote their human growth in such a way that they can integrate their own faith with every aspect of their lives.
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Come and See RE Curriculum Outline

Mass times

Happy Gaudete Sunday to you all!

Those of you who were at Mass this weekend will know that this year we need to book tickets for Christmas Masses. If you did NOT book in person you can book tickets using the links below.

Please book only ONE Mass for the time being so that everyone has a chance to attend a Christmas Mass. You can always check again on the 24th to see if there are spaces for an extra Mass.

Book ONE ticket if you are an individual or two people from the same household.

Book a FULL BENCH i.e. TWO tickets side by side if you are a family of up to 6 people from one household.

It will be mandatory to wear a face covering at all times during the service

The links are:

Christmas EVE – Thursday 24th Dec 6pm: Click on

Christmas EVE – Thursday 24th Dec 9.30pm:

Christmas DAY – Friday 25th Dec 10.30am:

Please spread the word, and till we meet at Christmas – Happy Advent!

Srs MaryAnne and Lynne fcJ