National Grid Safety talk

Steve came in to talk to KS2 about the National Grid and being safe around gas electricity sites. Children are killed or injured on these sites every year. The children of St. Hugh’s now know they must stay away and tell an adult if they see anyone playing too near them. Volunteers were able to try on the hard hats, goggles and high visibility vests!

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Crucial Crew

Y6 have taken part in the annual Liverpool Crucial Crew safety event. It provides children with life skills that will enable them to keep themselves and others safe. They learned about fire safety, first aid, online safety, road safety and much more. These skills are particularly important as the children prepare for transition to secondary schools.\

Crucial Crew 1Crucial Crew 2


Christmas Card Competition

Many of our children took part in a Christmas Card competition organised by Luciana Berger, the MP for Wavertree. Lots of schools and hundreds of children took part. One of our Y5 children designed such a fantastic card that they won second place! Luciana came into school to present him with a certificate and some book vouchers. His winning design was sent out on over 2000 Christmas cards!

Before Luciana came into school, each class held a discussion about the important role MPs have and the job they do. Each class decided on a question they would like to ask Luciana and she was able to give us an idea of what it is like to be an MP and to work in the Houses of Parliament.

Christmas card 1   Christmas card 2