Enterprise workshop

Y5 have taken part in an Enterprise Workshop and have proved themselves to be excellent business men and women. They worked as if they were the owners of a theatre and decided what roles they were going to have and what they would spend their money on. The whole class worked very well together and produces some excellent plays.

Entrerprise 4  Entrerprise 3  Entrerprise 2  Enterprise 1

Entrerprise 6  Entrerprise 5  Entrerprise 8  Entrerprise 9


Visitors from Liverpool City Council came into school to talk to the children about recycling and how they can do more to recycle at home and school. They will be working with the Eco-council to ensure we do as much recycling as we can in school.

Recycling 1 Spring 2017 Recycling 2 Spring 2017 Recycling 3 Spring 2017

Crucial Crew

Our Y6 children enjoyed their day with the Crucial Crew learning how to keep themselves safe in the home, on the roads, in the community and online. Thank you to the emergency services and other partner agencies for hosting the event.

                         Crucial Crew 2 Spring 2017    Crucial Crew 3 Spring 2017  


Crucial Crew 5 Spring 2017   Crucial Crew 4 Spring 2017   Crucial Crew 1 Spring 2017

Anti-bullying week

During anti-bullying week, the children had a visit from Merseyside Police who came to talk to everyone about bullying and why they should not do it. The children talked about why they should not bully each other and what to do if someone tries to bully them.

Anti-bullying 1 Anti-bullying 2 Anti-bullying 3