Children’s University

Forty seven of our children attended the Liverpool Children’s University celebration in recognition of their participation in ‘exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside school hours’. They wore a cap and gown and were presented with their certificates of achievement by Jeff Dunn from the Schools’ Parliament. St. Hugh’s offers a wide range of extra-curricular clubs so the children had no difficulties in accruing the number of hours they needed.


Y5 Greenhouse Project

Y5 have been working with the Greenhouse Project to support the Government’s ‘Building a Stronger Britain’ initiative. They have taken part in activities to explore and celebrate the diversity of cultures in our city today. They have explored the history of our city and have looked at their own families’ history. Later on this term, there will be an exhibition of the work from all the schools involved in the project.


Enterprise Workshops

Y3 and Y4 have been taking part in enterprise workshops. They have worked together in teams and developed a variety of skills such as resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance and the ability to overcome difficulties. They have used their reasoning and mathematical skills; they have had to listen to the views of others and present their own views. They have had to work together towards a common goal. All of these are important life skills that the children will need in the future.