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There is very strong evidence linking reading for pleasure and the success a child has later on in life. The benefits of reading for pleasure go way beyond academic attainment and stretch throughout a person’s whole life. Children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in school than those who don’t, they also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of different cultures.

Reading for pleasure can result in improved relationships with others, increased empathy, lower levels of stress and an improved general wellbeing.

Reading is not just something children should do in school. It needs to be an everyday part of their lives – something they will choose to do as adults too.

Learning to read is about listening and understanding, as well as working out what is printed on the page. Through hearing stories, children are exposed to a wide range of words. This helps them build their own vocabulary and improve their understanding when they listen, which is important when they start to read. It is important for them to understand how stories work too. Even if children do not understand every word, they will hear new sounds, words and phrases, which they can then try out, copying what they have heard.

Children will not want to read unless they enjoy it. In order to enjoy it, they need lots of practice so that they become good and fluent readers. For more guidance on how to help your child with reading, click on the links below.

Learning English through sharing Picture Books

Enjoying Reading with your Child

Using Books with Older Children and Teenagers

Using Books with Older Children and Teenagers(2)

Below are some websites where you can find further information and ideas on how to encourage your child to read at home:








Welcome to our School Library!

On World Book Day 2017, we opened our new school library. All the children in Y3 – Y6 had a tour of the library from Mrs Connolly. They were taught about how the library is organised and they could borrow a book to take home. Mrs Connolly spoke to them about the importance of looking after their book at home and remembering to bring it back with them the following week.

The children were very excited to have a new school library and look forward to being able to visit it every week.

Congratulations to some of our Y5 children who are our new librarians:

Raehanna     Mohammed

Elena             Izzy

Erica              Zahraa

Malika            Haja

Library 1  Library 2  Library 7  LIbrary 3

Library 5          Library 8      Library 4           Library 6
Our outdoor Reading Area

Reading Outside 1  Reading Outside 5  Reading Outside 2

Reading Ambassadors

We have Reading Ambassadors in each of our Key Stage 2 classes. They have been chosen because they have a passion for reading and are able to talk with enthusiasm about books they have read and authors they enjoy.

Congratulations to:

Emillia and Mohammed in Y3                        Connor and Victoria in Y4

Izzy and Raehanna in Y5                                Rand and Estera in Y6

It is their responsibility to encourage other children to read for pleasure and to talk knowledgeably about books and authors. They also go into Reception and Y1 to read with the children and to help them enjoy stories.

Some of their favourite authors currently include:

   Roald Dahl                           Francesca Simon                     Jacqueline Wilson

   Jeremy Strong                     Michael Morpurgo                     David Walliams

   Anne Fine                           J K Rowling                                Rachel Renee Russell

World Book Day 2017

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day. The children (and staff) had lots of fun coming into schools in their pyjamas and onesies. Some children even brought slippers into school so that they could be even more comfortable in class!

Our theme was Bedtime Reading because we want to encourage all our children to read for pleasure at home, and particularly at bedtime. The children spent time in the Wow room lying on quilts, blankets, pillows and cushions while Miss Morris read them a story. It was like having bedtime in school! The children now know how enjoyable it is to read a story before bed. Please take the time to share a book with your child each night at home.

Storytime 1  Storytime 4  Storytime 5 Storytime 3

We also took the school council to collect a World Book Day book for every child in the school. This means that every child could take a book home to keep.


Finally, each class was presented with a big box of brand new books for their classroom libraries. The children were very excited to receive them and look forward to reading them in school.

Books at Breakfast

Children enjoy reading at our Hungry Hugh’s Breakfast Club.

Books at breakfast 4 Books at breakfast 3 Books at breakfast 2 Books at breakfast 1

Book Swap for Parents and Children

We are encouraging all of our families to get involved with reading. If your children see you reading, they are more likely to pick up a book and read themselves. In the entrance foyer, there is a selection of adults’ and children’s books. Feel free to have a look and take a book to read at home. When you finish it, you can bring it back or replace it with another one.

We even have a Book Swap for staff too!

Book swap 1 Book swap 2

Book Activites

The children have lots of opportunities during the week to enjoy reading for pleasure. They can go to extra-curricular clubs or to the library at lunchtimes or they can choose from a variety of books on the playground at lunchtimes too. Children who got to Breakfast Club can also listen to a story or look at books themselves.

Have a look at the list below of all the times your children can choose to read for pleasure in school:




Children Day

Books at Breakfast


Any children at Breakfast Club Monday and Friday

Outdoor Reading


Any children Every Day at Lunchtimes



KS2 classes Every Day



Y3-Y4 After School on Monday

Crafty Reads


Y1-Y2 After School on Monday

Bug Club


Y3-Y4 After School on Wednesday


Please click the link below for our Reading events in school

Calendar of reading events.

Bug Club

Get the Reading Bug with Bug Club!

Bug Club is a whole-school reading programme that joins books with an online reading world. It can raise reading attainment and enjoyment of reading. There are over 500 books for the children to choose from. There are also online quizzes, games and rewards for the children to enjoy.

Children can access their Bug Club account from the link below:

Bug Club

All they need is their username and password. They can get them from their teacher if they have forgotten them.

Please encourage your child to have a try. Spend time with them if you can. The more reading a child does, the better s/he will be!